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This web site is about the thoughtful application of Lean principles and practices to academic processes in higher education. The intent is to achieve better outcomes for students, payers, and other key stakeholders without doing harm.

Prof. Bob Emiliani is the leading Lean practitioner in higher education. He has been applying Lean principles and practices to courses and programs since 1999. You can learn from his experience through his blog, books, published research papers, and live and online training.

Winter and Summer Seminars and Workshops

• Lean Teaching Pedagogy for Faculty
   – Improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching.

• Lean University for Administrators
   – Learn better ways to deal with budget cuts while improving academic outcomes.

• Kaizen Training
   – Learn how to lead kaizens for academic and administrative processes.

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lt_logo“Bob Emiliani is a rarity – a college professor who came to academia after a lengthy career on manufacturing shop floors – he has written quite a bit about lean – its management, history and the bigger economic impact. His book, Lean Teaching, takes academia to task for its distinct lack of lean thinking.” – Bill Waddell