What’s Holding Us Back?

As I mentioned in the previous post, it has been nearly 10 years after my seminal papers on applying to Lean to higher education were published, and hardly anyone is applying Lean to improve their teaching. What is holding faculty back?

Well, one thing that might be holding faculty back is not knowing what to do. The papers that were  published in 2004 and 2005 were written to be descriptive enough to so that other faculty could replicate what I did. Or so I thought. So perhaps faculty do not have the information that they need to get started.

This blog should help remedy that. In addition, I am in the process of writing a new e-book, The Lean Professor, which contains much more detail than the 2004 paper. Here is the book description:

“The Lean Professor: Become a Better Teacher Using Lean Principles and Practices describes how to use Lean principles and practices to improve college and university courses. It shares with readers 15 years of experience in applying Lean principles and practices in higher education.

This inspiring book guides professors to learn a different way of thinking about teaching and how to improve student engagement and learning outcomes. It will help faculty correctly understand Lean principles and practices and begin to apply them in to their own courses to improve the value of higher education.”

It should be out in the second or third week of June. Notice that it costs only US$4.99. I priced it that way because I know many professors have not had a raise in some time. But more importantly, I want people to read it any not be concerned about the price. The book will be about 100 pages, and contains a lot of nice illustrations. You’ll learn how my thinking has evolved over the nearly 15 years that I have been applying Lean principles and practices to my own teaching.

I hope you find it inspiring and contains a level of detail that helps you get started.

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