What Is Good Quality Teaching?

Here is a new one-question survey that I hope you will participate in.

Its purpose is to determine the things your teachers did that gave you the perception of having been exposed to good quality teaching as an undergraduate or graduate student.

What is good quality teaching? Identify one to three things your best teachers did that resulted in “good quality teaching.” Your response is anonymous.

10 thoughts on “What Is Good Quality Teaching?

  1. Sheila Roszell

    Good quality teachers:
    Balanced (dynamic) presentation of materials with in-class application of materials/concepts
    Gave timely, specific feedback on homework
    Posed questions that needed analysis or synthesis of presented materials

  2. Mark DeLuzio

    The most important attribute a teacher can have is passion for the subject. This is contagious and is really motivating to the student. Also, the ability to apply the subject matter to the real world is of critical importance.

  3. Robin Howlett

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on what good looks like – must try harder myself when I am mentoring and training others!

    1. Bob Emiliani Post author

      Stay tuned. I’ll posts the preliminary results of the survey around this time next week. It’s shaping up as a very useful teacher profile for high quality teaching. I think it will be seen as a practical guide for for teachers to improve their teaching.

  4. Bert D.

    Passion, excitement, real world knowledge and experience in the subject and uses those experiences as examples and case studies. Also their ability to extract/engage the students and their experiences in the subject.

  5. Arnold Bosch

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