2014 Top Lean Higher Ed Blog Posts

Thank you for reading my blog! I truly appreciate your time and interest. There are many more good articles to come in 2015. I encourage you to post your thoughts and opinions.

Here are the top 20 most viewed articles in 2014:

Teaching Surveys – Interim Results
What Is Good Quality Teaching? – Survey Results
Priceless Small Improvements
Lean Must Do No Harm
Same Six Criticisms of Lean
The Value Of Higher Education
My Student Course Evaluations
Lean Teaching Visual Controls
Improving Critical Thinking
Hire More Faculty
Visual Controls To Improve Student Learning
Why Professors Can’t Teach
Running on University Time
The University As Manufacturer
Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
Selling Change to Finance VPs
How Could We Be So Stupid!
Class Participation
Engaging Colleagues and Administrators
Good Writer or Good Thinker?

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