Lean MBA or Conventional MBA?

Below is a video in four parts of me giving a presentation to a business school faculty in which I make the case that Lean management should be taught to MBA students. The video was recorded on 28 January 2016. What do you think? Did I make a good case for featuring Lean management in their MBA program?

Part One: 33 minutes

Part Two: 33 minutes

Part Three: 33 minutes

Part Four: 11 minutes

Learn about Lean management and the public good.

2 thoughts on “Lean MBA or Conventional MBA?

  1. Rosemary Bergeron

    Bob – Thank you for your passion and unrelenting effort in making the case for Lean. I think this presentation is great and recommend taking it to other universities in CT and getting the discussion going across the system.

    I always benefit from your material (new ideas & perspectives, lean history) and did here as well. You might expand on the idea of Lean behaviors by describing how the newly minted Lean MBA would approach their work differently from the conventional. These might include: willingness to listen and learn from folks on the floor, respecting process by checking on adherence, and greater collaboration with other functional areas to achieve strategic goals.

    1. Todd Sperl

      Bob – Great presentation. Currently we have two classes that focus on Lean Management embedded into our Executive MBA (Healthcare) program at Oakland University (Michigan). One focuses on theory, while the other is more applied which encourages the cohorts to incorporate their capstone project into the class lectures. I’ve enjoyed teaching the applied class for several years at OU. We feel it is a great benefit to the students.

      Good Stuff


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