Lean Professor Top Blog Posts

Here are the top blog posts for the first half of 2016. Scan the list to see what you missed. Enjoy!

Lean Higher Ed Conference Presentation
Why Professors Can’t Teach
Personalizing Discovery and Learning
Higher Ed’s Big Lie: Academic Excellence
Lean MBA or Conventional MBA?
Lean Must Do No Harm
How To Get Started With Lean In Higher Ed
Kaizen for Higher Education
Bet On A Boiler
My Student Course Evaluations
Improving Critical Thinking
What Is Good Quality Teaching? – Survey Results
Teaching Surveys – Interim Results
The Value Of Higher Education
I Called It!
A Shameful Legacy
“All Deans Are A**holes”
Breathtaking Higher Education Innovation!
What is Lean Teaching?
Run Universities Like Businesses
Same Six Criticisms of Lean
Good Writer or Good Thinker?
Where Unqualified Means Qualified
Improving How Universities Improve
University Annual Budget Process

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