Evolution in Lean Teaching

elt_paperI’ve written a paper titled “Evolution in Lean Teaching,” which describes my recent work to expand and evolve the application of Lean principles and practices to teaching.

The focus is “grading inside the process” and creating a pull system for learning in a graduate course on Lean leadership.

Click on the image at right to view the paper (.pdf file).

I hope you will read it, share it with others, and also share your comments with me.

Thank you!

One thought on “Evolution in Lean Teaching

  1. John Dennis

    It is wonderful to see Professor Bob Emiliani showing us how Lean principles can be applied outside of the traditional manufacturing environment. I hope that the new UK Minister for Education, Justine Greening, will learn about Lean and take a leadership role in implementing Lean principles in UK Universities and Schools. I have taken the liberty to share your information on my Blogger. Let me know if you need any changes. Keep up the good work! John


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