I am happy to share with you some resources that I have created. They will be useful in your efforts be learn and practice Lean teaching.

Seminal papers on Lean in higher education: Paper 1 (2004) • Paper 2 (2005) (.pdf)
Lean for Higher Education Webinar (71 minutes) and slides (2012, .pdf)
Kaizen Manual (updated 26 June 2013, .ppt)
Sample syllabi: undergrad course • graduate course (.pdf)
Google Docs weekly homework assignment template (edit template to suit your needs)
Class Preparation Checklist (MSWord, 2013)
Example of Visual Control given to students at end of course (ca. 2003, .pdf)
Lean Teaching Visual Control, Version 1 (for faculty, 2013, .pdf).
Lean Teaching Visual Control, Version 2 (for faculty, 2014, .pdf).
Lean Leader’s Visual Control (for higher ed leaders, 2011, .pdf)
Online article, “Lean in Higher Education” (2005)

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