Single-Minute Surveys

My surveys are based on the “single-minute exchange of dies” (SMED) practice in Lean, where changeover time is reduced to less than 9 minutes to eliminate waste (non-productive time) in a process. In the context of a survey, I call it “single-minute exchange of data” (SMED) because it takes only one or two minutes to complete a survey.

Active Surveys


Completed Surveys
4 February 2014: What is Good Quality Teaching? See survey results here.
18 June 2013: Are You Satisfied With 10 Percent? See survey results here.
19 June 2013: 45 Teaching Errors. See survey results here.

2 thoughts on “Single-Minute Surveys

  1. Bob Emiliani Post author

    It’s a start. The idea is to gather baseline data, do some analysis, make improvements, and then repeat the process (while improving surveys and data collection and method).


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