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The purpose of this blog is to generate world-wide scholarly discussion among faculty in higher education who wish to learn from each other’s experience in applying Lean principles and practices to the courses that they teach (but not to teaching Lean itself).

It achieves this through scholarly critiques of contemporary events in higher education through comparison and contrast to Lean thinking, non-Lean thinking, and in relation to the history of higher education. Critiques span all corners of higher education, from higher education leadership to pedagogy to the cost and value of higher education. 

The objective is to challenge the status quo and loosen rigid thinking and traditional practices that no longer serve actual needs. The hope is to advance the innovative Lean teaching pedagogy in higher education for the benefit of students, payers, employers, and other stakeholders. This is achieved through  critical comparative analysis of Lean thinking and conventional thinking in teaching and related academic and administrative processes, as well as institutional, labor, state, and national leadership.

The focus of this blog is principally improving teaching and academic processes. The application of Lean management to administrative processes in higher education is also critically examined.

I invite you to contribute an idea, an experience, a success, a failure, reactions that students or others have had to your teaching improvements, etc. And I welcome the participation of current students and graduates of higher education, payers, and employers, to provide the voice of the customer and other perspectives. Short and to-the-point replies are most appreciated.

Together we learn and improve!

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Bob Emiliani

The views and opinions expressed in The Lean Professor blog are those of the author and do not reflect the views or opinions of any employer, other party, or entity. I reserve the right to edit responses to blog posts for brevity and/or clarity.

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